Saturday, 27 January 2018

How to record line-in feed with Goldwave

[How to record Line-in with Goldwave]

1. File > New > Select Quality for recording here
2. Hit F11, set Device and configure volume in this dialog.
3. the control pane should be visible by default, if not, go to: Tools > Control to view the control pane.
4. Hit record in the control pane to record your line-in feed.

More info here:


Problems? Here is a good test to see if you are getting audio via the line-in jack...
[How to listen to Line-In via Speakers]

1. Type mmsys.cpl in the Start Menu search box and press Enter.
2. Select Recording tab. Double click on Line In.
3. Choose Listen tab, check Listen to this device. Choose playback through Default playback device and click Apply button.
4. Choose Levels tab, turn on the speaker, select volume label etc.

It is better if you install the manufacturer's sound software and drivers. I have Realtek HD and controlling sound settings is much easier through this. 


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