Friday, 23 May 2014

How to Clear Error 5200 / P08 & Reset Printer Hardware (Canon Pixma MG2100 MX and S series printers)

Perform these steps to reset most Canon Printers. It works with MG / MX / M / PIXMA series and many more!

Step 1) Unplug the printer from Power and wait 5 sec then Plug it back in.
Step 2) Press "Stop/Reset" button for 2 sec and hold it.
Step 3) Now Press and hold the "Power" button also with "Stop/Reset" for 5 sec.
Step 4) Release only "Stop/Reset" and wait for 2 sec (still holding "Power" button)
Step 5) Now press and release "Stop/Reset" 5 times.
Step 6) After 5 sec release "Power" button also (No LCD only power light seen).
Step 7) Wait for a minute (after the printer resetting).
Step 8) Now power off the printer by pressing "Power" button.
Step 9) After 30 Seconds press "Power" button again. Now you're ready to print !!!

All printer errors should be cleared!