Tuesday, 25 November 2008

F# - Tutorial 1 - Getting Started and Hello World

recently i have been looking into F#, a rich and purely functional programming language now supported by the .NET framework and developed within the MS research centre.
F# is based on older functional languages such as: Haskell and OCML. Haskell Curry is an infamous mathematician and logistician and this is where the roots of this language originate from...

F# can be run as a standard installer from the research centre website.. or it can be integrated into Visual Studio 2008 by downloading the MSI installer. The latest release is "September 2008 CTP"

Lets have a little look at a simple Hello World application...

//------------------[F# Code]------------------
(c) Sean G @ TutorialGenius.com 2008.
This sample Hello World application is the keyhole to many F# adventures. Like many other languages, the foundations begin with a Hello World example!
// Set the compilation warning to light mode; pronounced: "Hash Light".
// Output Hello World!
System.Console.WriteLine("Hello World")
// Stop console from closing