Thursday, 23 October 2008

Setting up SQL Server 2005 on Windows XP

Having avoided enpensive hosting options so far, I decided to setup SQL Server 2005 at home on my localhost box. heres a quick guide

regarding the installation of SQL Sevrer 2005 with GUI management.

Required SQL Server 2005 (the express edition is free and will do) SQL Server management studio express (GUI tool to config sql server 2005, saves bothing with nasty SQLCMD scripting) (Optional) SQL Server sample databases (these arent shipped with sql server by default) ... this file contains NorthWind and Pubs sample databases.

- All available for download at's download centre -

Install Order
1. Install SQL Server 2005
2. Install the GUI management tool
3. Open the GUI tool and login using windows authentication
4. (Optional) Run a new query, and insert the .SQL file from the sample Databases install. This will provide you with Northwind and Pubs

Next, we need SQL AUTHENTICATION enabled... right click your Server > Properties > Security tab.... change this to windows AND mixed mode

security (This will allow SQL Server Auth - No Need to reply on windows user accounts)

Next expand the northwind database, then its security folder.... right click the folder and add new user.... associate appropriate

permissions here. (This allows access for sql user accounts)

Next, we need to restart these windows sql server services for changes to take effect.... start > progs > sql server 2005 > configration

tools > config manager..... open your sql server instance (probably called SQLEXPRESS) you can stop and start the service from in here....

This is about it, good luck!


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