Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Adding Song Name to the Result Screen in Stepmania

This enables you have add the name of the song to the results screen... it swings in from the top after a 3 second delay. The command attributes are sequential, which took me a few secs to figure out; so one event happens before the next in that order.

Add to "[Install]\Themes\[Theme Name]\BGAnimations\ScreenEvaluation overlay.xml"
Code Snippet
  1. <Layer Type="ActorFrame" OnCommand="x,SCREEN_CENTER_X;y,SCREEN_TOP-10;sleep,3;decelerate,0.3;addy,SCREEN_TOP+80" OffCommand="accelerate,0.3;addy,-80">
  2.     <children>
  3.         <BitmapText Font="Common Normal" Text="@GAMESTATE:GetCurrentSong():GetDisplayFullTitle()" OnCommand="zoom,0.4;diffuse,#FFFFFF;ztest,1" />
  4.     </children>
  5. </Layer>
End of Code Snippet

Ensure its added for both players by placing it out of the player condition tags (I.e. at the top or bottom of a default config file)

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